Enabling a Cognitive Enterprise


What will 10% increase in capacity do to your bottom-line?


Reduce physician and clinician fatigue by focusing on outcomes

Our Mission

We believe in a better healthcare system that eliminates non-mission critical workflows, so nurses and physicians can get back to the joy of practicing medicine.

Welcome to Mission Control for Healthcare

We provide outcomes as a service so you can focus on your bottom line.

Edgility has created a seamlessly integrated healthcare system that improves gaps and delays in information flow, focuses on increasing time available for patient care and creates better outcomes.


Our Platform for Situational Awareness

We believe in pushing technology to the edge of ability.

That’s why our solution, Vitals, is a service and a platform that combines systems, robotic process information, artificial intelligence and cognitive understanding to impact outcomes.


How Edgility Helps  You Achieve Your Outcomes. 

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