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Orchestrating the
future of healthcare

AI + Technology + Design to achieve your strategic goals

What we do for you

Increase throughput and capacity

Increase total system capacity
by accelerating discharges and reducing low-value work from workflows

Identify and reduce care and process variations

Reduce care variation in processes and workflows within each hospital and across your system.

Improve system access

Streamline access by placing each patient in the right modality of care. Each time, every time.

Remove unnecessary work from clinicians

Decant and automate repetitive, administrative activities from direct patient care staff.

Focus on Outcomes

Set your objectives, align the organization, and reach your goals

Increase capacity

In just 15 months, University Hospitals Hospital at Home program powered by Edgility Inc. platform has served more than 300 patients, freeing up more than 996 hospital bed days with Zero Hospital Acquired Infections.

+ 996

hospital bed days 

Do More with Less

Edgility's EdgeAI help nurses perform their tasks more efficiently and effectively, freeing time to care for more patients. Our platform can identify and predict staffing needs, allowing hospitals and other healthcare organizations to better allocate their resources.

- 8,392

decrease in hours (350 days) of physician and nursing labor

Let your patients flow

Healthcare is a system of inputs, actions, and outputs from transfers and admissions through discharges. Edgility's end-to-end philosophy removes the friction along each subsystem in the continuum of care to avoid improving one set of inputs only to create another bottleneck down the line.

+ 39%

increased throughput
and capacity


While huddles are essential to care delivery, they can often become repetitive and lack the actions that care teams need to deliver quality care. EdgeHuddle, a solution developed by Edgility, transforms huddles by curating real time checklists.

Huddle nurse hallway.png
Hospital at home program.webp

Hospital-at-home programs, RSV, and Medicare reimbursement rates are just a few key trends that are taking the healthcare industry by storm. Here are a few predictions for 2023 as well as some solutions.

Edgility's 'Pediatric Lens' helps health systems across the country respond to the surge of flu and RSV patients. Edgility curates data from multiple sources so staff can respond effectively and quickly to the surge in patients.

RSV child .png

Edgility Community and Partners

Dr. Steven Shein Pediatric UH.png
“Edgility's Pediatric Lens is an exceptional instrument for identifying patient conditions and appropriate levels of care. “This lens helps providers effectively manage the transition of pediatric patients from ICU to a lower level of care, creating capacity in highly utilized pediatric ICUs.”

Dr. Steven L. Shein, Chief of Pediatric Critical Care Medicine and the Linsalata Family Chair in Pediatric Critical Care and Emergency Medicine at UH Rainbow Babies and Children's Hospital
“Edgility has helped us drive a patient-centered, holistic approach that eliminates defects in care transitions and keeps people healthy at home. With Edgility’s Edge Cognitive Platform, we are able to obtain a 360-degree real-time view of the patient inside and outside the health system.”

Peter Pronovost, MD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer,
University Hospitals
Amanda Kolter headshot.jpeg
"We saw this trend early on and began investigating modern operating models, tools, and processes to re-design a delay-free system for patient placement, throughput, and experience. Implementing a Smart Operations Center will help us streamline patient throughput and increase capacity.”

Amanda Kotler, senior vice president, and chief nursing officer at Asante.
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