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Access Orchestration

Access Orchestration coordinates patient, service line, location, bed level, and other features to place the right patient in the right bed at the right time.


Admitting and transferring patients can now be done algorithmically using criteria developed by your providers. Providers can always access the prioritized list to know the admission status of their patients.


Surfacing a real-time state of the system allows your teams to collectively understand the current conditions and what actions need to happen now.

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Access Management

Transfer Prioritization

Discharge Throughput

Discharge Management

Access Orchestration outcomes

Quicker bed placements

Decrease in the time from bed request to placement 


Bed request to placement time 

Intelligent prioritization

The right patient getting into the right bed at the right time improves because the provider-defined criteria constantly runs in the background


Right patient, right bed, right time

Clearer Communication

Phone call volume decreases since providers have ready access to the Access Management lens and can view patient status


Phone call volume

How Access Orchestration is making an Impact

Provider-defined criteria for prioritizing patient transfer and admissions is the ideal method for patient allocation. Exposing the constantly updated, real-time results to all providers smooths the process and creates levels of understanding and perspective that didn’t exist before.

Christopher Wenders, Head of Operations, Edgility, Inc.
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