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We are at war on behalf of patients, overworked care providers, and customers. 

Edgility office outside sign Tampa Bay AI company

David S. Alberts and Richard E. Hayes's work on 'Power to the Edge' have inspired us, and Chris Zook's Founder's Mentality concisely captures our operating creed. We want to acknowledge them for being part of our story.

Our Story

Insurgents with a bold mission

We fight inertia, bad habits, poor process, and low-value work. 


Obsessed with the front line

Value generation is always at the edge - 'the frontline.' Our superpower is our obsession with the frontline, which creates stickiness and a force multiplier for value.


Hate Complexity

Hiding behind complexity is a weakness. Our mission is to decant complexity from high-value frontline assets. 

Executive Team 

Balaji Ramadoss.jpg
Balaji Ramadoss

CEO, Co-Founder

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Heather Holland.jpg
Heather Holland


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Lisa Meyer.jpg
Lisa Meyer, MSN, RN-BC

Chief Outcomes Officer

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Justin Falk.jpg
Justin Falk

Chief Technology Officer

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Chris Wenders.jpg
Chris Wenders

Chief Operations Officer

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Advisory Board

melissa cole headshot.jpeg
Melissa Cole

Healthcare Leader and Innovator

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Peter Pronovost

Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at University Hospitals

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