Wheelchair Guidance nurse and doctor discharging patient

Remove the friction from your discharge processes by creating a transparent view of the entire workflow with 'levers of action.'

Discharge as a Service ®

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DaaS identifies tasks that do not require a nurse or provider to accomplish. Instead, operational staff can assume these less-complex duties - decanting low-value work from your high-value assets.


- 14%
Decrease LOS
+ 25%
Increase capacity without adding new beds
+ 30min
Increase productivity
+ 10%
Increased Patient Satisfaction

DaaS transcends typical discharge command centers that display static data by offering these features:​

Levers for Action

lever clip art .jpeg

what to do next

and by whom

Barrier identification

barrier clip art .webp

what obstacles are impeding the discharge

Time-based alerts

alarm clock clip art .jpeg

a "time is of the essence" indicator for priority action

Action-based alerts

action based alerts clip art .webp

clear indicators of whether the "next" step is at risk

Third-party Ride-share 

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eliminates lack of transport barriers

Discharge Lenses

  • Discharge Throughput

  • Discharge Management

Discharge as a Service Lens.png