Form Follows Function @ Edgility

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Jul 30, 2021 3:25:14 PM

Healthcare is complicated. Operational leaders widely understand the need for situational awareness to manage this complexity. The need for eyes-on-the-glass situational awareness has created a demand for air traffic control like command centers.

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Healthcare Command Center: Design Drivers

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Jul 30, 2021 2:48:31 PM

Rather than command and control centers, Edgility builds Smart Operations Centers that orchestrate operational outcomes while reducing administrative friction for care teams and patients. Based on the principles of systems engineering and design-thinking, Edgility deconstructs the drivers for the Smart Operations centers.

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Topics: Outcomes as a Service #OaaS, Air Traffic Control, Command Center, Smart Operations, Smart Orchestration

Build a Smart Operations Center - not a command center!

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Jul 30, 2021 2:26:45 PM

Command Center Maturity Model


Healthcare command centers are all the rage. These caverns of monitors, surreptitiously rendering screen loads of business data, masquerade the illusion of control. They signal the vanguard of the technical elite. But existence begs the question, is the "control" real or an illusion. 

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Smart Operations with Hyper-Orchestration

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Jul 30, 2021 2:10:50 PM

Innovations in healthcare technology attempt to provide precise predictions, enhance the patient experience, promote superior productivity, foster a socially just healthcare system, and cure humanity of disease. Most of us accept that technology has the potential to deliver toward these promises. But if you are a nurse, physician, or care provider, all this sounds unattainably ambitious, if not hyperbole. While the technology innovation is digital, the nurse is still chasing the lab order and manually coordinating discharges, and the doctor is still preoccupied with copying and pasting notes.

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Edgility Hospital-at-Home : Orchestrate Care

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Jul 23, 2021 11:44:38 AM

Prepare for when patients' homes become the largest "hospital" in their system!

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Edgility Featured Among Global Leaders in the AI Command Center Market

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on May 3, 2021 12:15:17 PM

Edgility, Inc. announces inclusion by Frost & Sullivan as a contender in their Global Hospital Command Centers analysis. This inclusion is a major acknowledgment of Edgility's mission to "Drive Better Health through Smarter Operations."

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Zero Harm with Smart Orchestration

Posted by Peter J. Pronovost on Apr 16, 2021 10:19:22 AM

 At the Quality Patient & Safety Week 2021, Dr. Pronovost highlights the need for Designing Safe Systems and the principles of safe design. 

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For Smart Operations, Orchestrate Outcomes

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Mar 29, 2021 2:38:27 PM

Elevating healthcare operations cannot occur merely by adding technology layers that require nurses and doctors to collect more data. It is about defining outcomes - patient, operational, or financial - and creating the structure to achieve those outcomes. Recall the oft-used and much-maligned adage "work smarter, not harder." The phrase trickles  from those managers and leaders who don't know what else to do or say. The effect is rarely well-received. Yet……, sometimes, it is true. In this case of healthcare operations, it's mandatory.

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Smart Operations

Posted by Balaji Ramadoss on Mar 9, 2021 11:33:02 AM

Drive better health through smart operations. 


Smart Operations intentionally aligns people, processes, and technology to deliver complex and interdependent clinical, operational, and business functions. Smart Operations pull health systems forward by focusing on good-design, intelligent workflows supported by actionable data to achieve tangible outcomes.  


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Throughput Orchestrator: Edgility COVID-19 Free Digital Toolkit - Release 6

Posted by Donna Bristow on Oct 29, 2020 11:05:58 AM

Click here to download the SBAR, role description and considerations. 

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Edgility - Enabling A Cognitive Enterprise

Edgility brings situational-awareness to organizations in order to improve outcomes and eliminate low value workflows from high value assets through a technology platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) and robotic process automation (RPA).


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