Build a Smart Operations Center - not a command center!

Build a Smart Operations Center - not a command center!

Command Center Maturity Model


Healthcare command centers are all the rage. These caverns of monitors, surreptitiously rendering screen loads of business data, masquerade the illusion of control. They signal the vanguard of the technical elite. But existence begs the question, is the "control" real or an illusion. 

Edgility advocates the concepts of hyper-orchestration (link to the previous blog). Rather than command centers, Edgility designs Smart Operations Centers that orchestrate outcomes. This orchestration bridges the gap between problem identification and workflow design and execution. This orchestration becomes the core of a Smart Operation Center.


We have identified four categories of the command center. They range from service-line specific to Smart Operations centers. Each serves a purpose and can be adequate on the assumption that the expectation matches the model.



While the layouts, computation, and displays have changed, contemporary command center models perpetuate the World War era of centralized, intelligent, and powerful (read: high ranking) people directing a mission. The critical question is, of course, what is the mission. How can it be directed, and how does - how should - the command center engage? Figure 1 can help the organization identify the value of each model and deliver them past command centers altogether and reach for Smart Operations.


Edgility advocates Smart Operations Centers.


Smart Operation Centers mitigate adding administrative staff to provide "eyes on the glass" support traditional command centers require. Smart Operations Centers can perform as the co-pilot for the bedside care teams, physicians, and nurses.


A Smart Operations Center model like Edgility's permits organizations to exploit their existing technology investments rather than adding bulk to their portfolio. Edgility employs "data streams" and "cognitive computing" concepts that are both agile and infinitely scalable to multiple outcomes.


Ultimately, we lead the organization toward managing any number of outcomes with the "Outcomes as a Service" offering that helps with scale beyond the needs of today.


Thus, by deconstructing the intent that drives the need for command centers, Edgility bypasses the buzz and hype of fancy display walls. At Edgility, we design and build SOCs to provide the best care for patients, customers, and families.


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