October 29 2020

Throughput Orchestrator: Edgility COVID-19 Free Digital Toolkit - Release 6

Click here to download the SBAR, role description and considerations. 
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September 15 2020

Nursing : The Edge of Innovation

I recently had the privilege of sharing my personal nursing innovation story at the  inaugural Nursing Research and ...
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April 28 2020

Checklist for Restarting Healthcare

The question of how and when to re-open businesses in the United States in the wake of COVID-19 is fraught with a ...
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April 2 2020

HuBo - Human-Bot Hybrid COVID Toolkit

Edgility SmartConnect is a scripted, bot and human (HuBoTM) hybrid, outgoing touchpoint (calls/texts) service for ...
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March 26 2020

Day and Night : Digital Toolkits and Face Masks

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March 24 2020

Systems Operations: Call Center Toolkit

The Benefits of a COVID-Centric Call Center. Click here to view the Call Center Toolkit.    The COVID-19 Call-Center ...
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March 12 2020

Edgility COVID-19 Digital Toolkit

Release: 2:0 Content: Digital Toolkit (Order set Template, Rounding Tracker, Report list)
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March 4 2020

Edgility COVID-19 Toolkit

Edgility has released the Emergency Systems Operations Module, for all existing clients, to help health care providers ...
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February 14 2020

Nursing Fatigue and Burnout

2020 has been designated the "Year of the Nurse and the Midwife" by the World Health Organization [WHO]. The purpose of ...
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August 27 2019

The Market and Innovation Gap

George W. Bush, in his State of the Union speech in 2004, stated, "By computerizing health records, we can avoid ...
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