July 30 2021

Smart Operations with Hyper-Orchestration

Innovations in healthcare technology attempt to provide precise predictions, enhance the patient experience, promote ...
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April 16 2021

Zero Harm with Smart Orchestration

 At the Quality Patient & Safety Week 2021, Dr. Pronovost highlights the need for Designing Safe Systems and the ...
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October 29 2020

Throughput Orchestrator: Edgility COVID-19 Free Digital Toolkit - Release 6

Click here to download the SBAR, role description and considerations. 
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September 15 2020

Nursing : The Edge of Innovation

I recently had the privilege of sharing my personal nursing innovation story at the  inaugural Nursing Research and ...
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March 21 2019

Discharge As A Service

Experience the Joy of Practicing Medicine® with Discharge as a Service Situation There is perhaps no easier way to slow ...
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