April 16 2021

Zero Harm with Smart Orchestration

 At the Quality Patient & Safety Week 2021, Dr. Pronovost highlights the need for Designing Safe Systems and the ...
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September 15 2020

Nursing : The Edge of Innovation

I recently had the privilege of sharing my personal nursing innovation story at the  inaugural Nursing Research and ...
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March 12 2020

Edgility COVID-19 Digital Toolkit

Release: 2:0 Content: Digital Toolkit (Order set Template, Rounding Tracker, Report list)
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March 4 2020

Edgility COVID-19 Toolkit

Edgility has released the Emergency Systems Operations Module, for all existing clients, to help health care providers ...
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August 27 2019

The Market and Innovation Gap

George W. Bush, in his State of the Union speech in 2004, stated, "By computerizing health records, we can avoid ...
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June 11 2019

Closing the Prediction Value Gap with Actions

  As healthcare organizations continue to implement new and advanced predictive analytics throughout their systems, ...
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May 9 2019

A Case For Seamless Data Flow

Check out the latest article from Forbes Tech Council featuring our founder Balaji Ramadoss.  In a recent Harvard ...
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April 16 2019

Peer to Peer: The Framework for Thinking and Learning Systems

Everything in the universe, from galaxies and solar systems to rain-forests and colonies of simple-cell organisms, ...
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April 3 2019

Design Thinking in Healthcare

The hottest buzz in Silicon Valley around problem-solving is not a technology but rather a philosophy – Design ...
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March 21 2019

Edgility - A Cognitive Healthcare Company

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