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Edgility Announces Collaboration with University Hospitals

Jul 14, 2021

To fill this gap, UH tapped into the expertise of Edgility, a healthcare technology innovator that builds cognitive platforms at the algorithmic level for healthcare systems around the country.

CLEVELAND-University Hospitals (UH) today announced a new collaboration with Edgility Cognitive Healthcare, which leverages a cognitive technology framework to facilitate a systems-engineering approach to patient care.

“To address the gaps in current industry models for patient care, we created a ‘web of well-being’ framework,” said Peter Pronovost, MD, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer at UH. “The goal of our web of well-being is to provide a patient-centered holistic approach to eliminate defects in care transitions and keep people healthy at home. A key element in accomplishing this objective is to be able to obtain a 360 degree real-time view of the patient inside and outside the health system.”

To fill this gap, UH tapped into the expertise of Edgility, a healthcare technology innovator that builds cognitive platforms at the algorithmic level for healthcare systems around the country.

"At Edgility, we have invented a new technology category that transcends traditional data structures and models," said Balaji Ramadoss, Cofounder and CEO of Edgility. "With this collaboration, we worked with Dr. Pronovost and the UH team to bring their ‘web of well-being’ vision to life. In doing this, we created real-time dashboards that brings together patient data from a multitude of platforms across their system, creating an operations center whereby they can monitor adherence to decision rules established for patient care.”

This alliance creates new and advanced cognitive capabilities that will be very beneficial in the post-COVID-19 world -- from activating system-ness to reducing waste. “With this collaboration, Edgility has been engaged to help UH frame the necessary infrastructure that puts in place effective methodologies for training our caregivers and maintaining accountability for various KPI metrics we have established,” explained Sam Brown, Vice President of Logistics. “For example, we could establish a rules-based criteria for our hospitalized COPD patients that measures the percentage of palliative care or quality of care discussions held at discharge. This would help us determine where additional coordination and training may be needed for our caregivers so that we ensure patients are being properly cared for outside the hospital so they do not encounter unnecessary hospitalizations.”

Implementation of the new system will begin later this year. While the initial focus of the web-of-well-being platform will be to measure metrics associated with inpatient and surgical care, UH is planning for future enhancements that will focus on the ambulatory and home care settings.

About University Hospitals

Founded in 1866, University Hospitals serves the needs of patients through an integrated network of 18 hospitals, more than 50 health centers and outpatient facilities, and 200 physician offices in 16 counties throughout northern Ohio. The system’s flagship academic medical center, University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center, located in Cleveland’s University Circle, is affiliated with Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. UH is home to some of the most prestigious clinical and research programs in the nation, including cancer, pediatrics, women's health, orthopedics, radiology, neuroscience, cardiology and cardiovascular surgery, digestive health, transplantation and urology. For more information, visit

About Edgility Cognitive Healthcare

Edgility Cognitive Healthcare provides health systems with a platform for operational intelligence to relieve care teams of administrative burden and improve patient experience while reducing operational costs. Edgility’s Cognitive Command Center seamlessly integrates with existing EMR systems and technology investments to orchestrate operational processes so providers can focus on patient care. Edgility has partnered with health systems across the country to help tackle their biggest operational challenges.

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