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Our team has decades of experience in healthcare and understand your challenges. We will work side by side with you every step of the way.

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Our Mission

To drive better health through smarter operations.

Who we are

 Edgility serves as a strategic partner for health systems throughout the country – collaborating with both operational and clinical leaders to increase patient flow, reduce readmissions, and drive down operational cost.

What we do

Built on lean process, design thinking, and systems engineering principles, Edgility provides health systems with operations support services to improve key drivers of health systems success, reduce operational costs, and relieve care teams of administrative burden. Edgility’s Cognitive Command Center seamlessly integrates with existing EMR systems and technology investments to orchestrate operational processes behind the scenes so providers can focus on patient care. EdgilityDesign services guide organizations to achieve innovative solutions to their most vexing problems.

Why we do it

We believe that our front line health care heroes deserve the best operational insights and support, so they can focus on providing the highest quality patient care. We should no longer have more information about our Amazon package than we have about our patient flow. We’ve spent years in health system operations, healthcare IT, and clinical care and walk side-by-side with our health system partners to solve their most challenging operational issues and drive better health.


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