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Invest in Outcomes, not More Technology

Quality and outcomes monitoring for your health systems

From core measures to financial metrics and patient itinerary to throughput, Edgility supplements your health system with a mission-control-like operations center to drive outcomes and metrics.

This service is custom designed to specific organizational focus areas. Services range from metrics monitoring and intervention to routing critical lab alerts or managing logistical tasks associated with a discharge process. Built on lean, design thinking and systems engineering principles, Edgility provides process standardization to remove "non-value" streams from the "high-value" assets like your Physicians and Nurses.


See Outcomes in Action

10% More capacity

Create additional capacity by managing patient flow, transportation and discharge with situational awareness. 

See Outcomes in Action

Reduce Readmission Rates by 18%

Effectively manage high risk patients with care transitions and pathways to translate predictions into outcomes. 

See Outcomes in Action

Reduce Supply Chain Cost by 23%

Hospitals could reduce supply expenses by 23% each year with mission control like situational awareness for supply chain processes and product utilization.
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Ways to Achieve Outcomes Now© with Edgility

Outcomes as a Service
Concurring quality and outcomes monitoring for your health systems from core measures to financial metrics and patient itineraries. 
Edgility Design
Edgility’s innovative digital fabric paired with our design thinking and implementation expertise let’s organizations focus on clinical and business outcomes.
Platform Implementation
Edgility’s platform, Vitals, unlocks transactional data elements across all systems that provides a command center like capability to control and manage outcomes.
Organizational Platform & Process Design
With Vitals, we weave in all the existing technology investments while introducing a comprehensive artificial intelligence platform for situational awareness that encompasses a transactional data model, situational awareness engine, and process automation platform. 

Our Model for Outcomes as a Service

Transactional Data
Smart connectors that enable data ingestion to create a transactional data model. 
Situational Awareness
Transform transactional data into situational awareness using AI enabled outcomes-based decisions engine.
Robotic Process Automation
Codify actions with robotic process automation using real-time decision cycle (application of knowledge) with an enterprise micro-services engine. 

How Edgility Helps You Achieve Your Outcomes.

With Vitals, You Get A Command
Center That Provides:

  • Continuous visibility, system wide
  • Timely & actionable information
  • Predictability to manage variables
  • Removal of roadblocks for providers
  • High value workflows
  • Faster detection of risks