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The key to success

Outcomes Team

The mission of the Outcomes Team is to ensure your success. This nurse-led team of healthcare professionals has decades of experience in hospital operations, quality, and patient-flow management. They understand the opportunities afforded through technology and the challenge of implementation and adoption. They have walked in your shoes and understand the trials and tribulations of your daily life.


A dedicated Nurse Outcomes Director is assigned to work with each client, and the Outcomes Team guides each implementation.

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Outcomes Team
A Collaborative

Using collaborative, outcomes-based problem-solving techniques, the team identifies operational opportunities and obstacles - always keeping the human-perspective front and center. By design, engagements are intentionally collaborative. We believe the wisdom of client staff is essential for success.

Our approach is simple:​

  • We employ design thinking to prevent organizations from falling into solution design before appropriately identifying requirements.


  • We examine behaviors to ensure the proposed solutions meet the organization's strategic objectives and the care provider's needs. 


  • We prepare the health system for the transformation brought about by new technologies.

  • We won’t abandon you after installation. We continue as a vested partner in your success. Because your success is our primary mission 

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The Playbook

Rapid deployment

Each Outcomes Team provides a consistent, systematic approach to every client engagement. And each engagement considers the organization's unique challenges and requirements. This approach is our playbook. 


From opportunity identification to system integration and deployment through adoption, the playbook details every action required by the client and every action performed by Edgility. The result: a quick, smooth, and frictionless implementation.

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