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5 Reasons to Modernize Your Huddle with EdgeHuddle

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Huddles have become a ritual for data reporting rather than an opportunity to generate actionable insights.

While huddles are essential to care delivery, they can often become repetitive and lack the actions that care teams need to deliver quality care. EdgeHuddle, a solution developed by Edgility, transforms huddle by curating real-time checklists – for patients currently in the beds - that generate levers of action, providing care teams with the information they need for patient care now. Here are five reasons why healthcare systems should modernize their huddles with EdgeHuddle:

1. Removes low-value work from busy nurses

EdgeHuddle intelligently curates data to orchestrate appropriate action for the huddle type and frequency. Curating removes the burden of data collection, compilation, and reporting from nurses and physicians, allowing them to focus more on patient care.

2. Orchestration of Levers of Action

EdgeHuddle's generative AI models data from multiple sources to generate "levers of action" in real-time so care teams can respond effectively and efficiently. With real-time data-driven insights, care teams can take the most appropriate actions to deliver quality care.

nurse collecting data for huddle

3. Visibility – from Bedside to Boardroom

EdgeHuddle is not limited to the bedside. EdgeHuddle allows hospitals to synchronize the flow of information between all layers of the health system. Nursing Leadership can now view the systems' current state by unit, department, service line, and hospital. The synchronization between frontline care and the boardroom is now complete.

4. Modernization of Safety Huddles

EdgeHuddle is Edgility's modernization of the safety huddle, transforming how huddles are organized and run facilitated in healthcare systems. The real-time checklists and levers of action provided by EdgeHuddle can make safety huddles more effective in identifying and addressing potential risks, ensuring patients receive the safest care possible.

5. Critical Differentiator

EdgeHuddle is a critical differentiator of Edgility's Smart Operations Centers (Command Center) solutions. Healthcare systems can achieve pivotal throughput, quality, and safety outcomes by injecting recommended actions into the huddle process.

EdgeHuddle is a game-changing solution that helps healthcare systems modernize their huddle process, focus on patient care, and improve efficiency and speed in care delivery. With EdgeHuddle, care teams can benefit from real-time data-driven insights and levers of action that can make a real difference in patient outcomes. By leveraging EdgeAi, healthcare systems can elevate their huddles and achieve lasting, fundamental change in care delivery.

Learn more about our EdgeHuddle product: EdgeHuddle


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