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A Step-by-Step Approach to modernizing Care Transitions with Edgility

Step 1: Identify the challenges facing care transition teams in the health system.

· Review data and trends related to care transitions, including readmission rates, patient satisfaction, and staff burnout.

· Conduct interviews and surveys with care transition team members to understand their obstacles, challenges, and frustrations.

Step 2: Evaluate the health system's existing technology infrastructure and workflows.

· Assess the Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system and other technology tools care transition teams use.

· Identify gaps in technology or workflow that hinder efficient transitions.

Step 3: Research the potential benefits of the application of generative AI.

· Review studies and publications related to the use of AI in improving care transitions.

· Explore the capabilities of Edgility's EdgeAi platform and how it can be applied to care transitions.

Step 4: Engage stakeholders and build a project team.

· Convene a working group that includes representatives from care transitions, nursing, IT, and other relevant departments.

· Build a case for adopting Edgility's EdgeAi platform and secure buy-in from executive leadership.

Step 5: Identify goals and metrics for success.

· Establish clear objectives and expectations for implementing the EdgeAi platform in care transitions.

· Define metrics to track progress toward meeting these objectives.

Step 6: Design and implement the EdgeAi platform for care transitions. · Engage with Edgility's Outcomes Team to design and implement the EdgeAi platform for care transitions.

· Collaborate with the Outcomes Team to ensure that workflows and processes are streamlined and integrated with existing technology.

Step 7: Provide training and support for care transition teams.

· Train care transition staff to optimally use the EdgeAi platform.

· Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting to ensure successful adoption.

Step 8: Monitor and track progress toward meeting goals and metrics.

· Use the defined metrics to monitor the performance of the EdgeAi platform in care transitions.

· Continuously evaluate and adjust the platform to optimize outcomes.

Step 9: Share successes and lessons learned with the broader health system.

· Communicate achievements to executive leadership and other stakeholders.

· Share best practices and lessons learned with other care transition teams in the health system.

Step 10: Continuously evaluate and refine the EdgeAi platform for care transitions.

· Regularly assess the EdgeAi platform to identify opportunities for improvement.

· Continuously work with Edgility to refine the platform to meet evolving needs and challenges.


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