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Designed for nurses, with nurses, by nurses

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The nursing profession and the 'bedside' practitioners perform as conductors of the healthcare-service-delivery orchestra. No one knows better than the nurse these orchestral players. The nurse knows best when each player needs to enter and exit. The nurse knows when to play quietly and when to crescendo. And the nurse knows how ‘playing’ together makes the patient experience as enjoyable as possible.

Now more than ever, technology innovation will be a differentiator between mediocre and excellent care delivery. And the nurse sits at the focal point. The challenge is to fully embrace the nursing profession in all facets of innovation, especially technological. To facilitate, we at Edgility seek to expand, enhance, and ingrain the nurse's relationship with technology and digital innovation. Rather than impose technology upon the nursing workforce, we believe it's better to systematically involve nursing in new technology and innovation and its potential for transformation.

Edgility's Outcomes Team nurses have spent years at the bedside and intimately understand how misaligned technology solutions add work and take time away from patient care. Our nursing team intentionally focuses on designing solutions that impact more than 5 million nurses nationwide, the nation's largest healthcare profession.

This intentionality has led us to the Magnet ANCC Conference.

The Edgility Intention

  1. To design for Outcomes – we focus on defining operational and service delivery outcomes.

  2. To orchestrate care – rather than ad-hoc attempts- we focus on orchestrating resources to achieve the desired outcomes - by unit, division, and system.

  3. To address care-provider fatigue by decanting low-value work from high-value assets.

  4. To protect the sacred bond between the nurse and the patient.

  5. To maximize existing investments in human capital.

Nurses have been creating technology workarounds for years, usually due to their lack of involvement in defining the problem, and more importantly, designing the solution. Our goal aims to empower nurses across the country to speak up, feel empowered, and help drive changes to healthcare delivery.

From Discharge as a Service for orchestrating optimal discharges to Edge Huddle for tired huddle optimization, Edgility is developing the digital eco-system that is Designed for nurses, with nurses, by nurses.

As the nursing shortage grows, we are expanding our investments to positively impact systemic change in workflows, in the application of useful technology, and other innovations that benefit nurses.


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