Connecting Dots

Discharge As A Service®

Experience the Joy of Practicing Medicine® with Discharge as a Service Situation

There is perhaps no easier way to slow the throughput of your hospital than by stumbling through an ineffective discharge process. Inefficient and drawn-out discharges arise naturally out of competing staff priorities and process variations. These effectively reduce the physician’s and nurses’ ability to readily coordinate discharges. Each disjointed operational and logistical variation becomes the responsibility of yet another care giver to manage - distracting everyone from the joy of practicing medicine.


Every discharge is a series of complicated handoffs between physicians, nurses, care managers and external organizations. Without orchestration, discharging patients becomes the biggest impediment to admitting new patients.


Decentralized and varying processes, especially those spanning multiple provider work-streams, are the proverbial wrench in the works. Without situational awareness, the orchestrator becomes but another cog in the wheel. In the case of discharges, desirable outcomes such as reduced excess bed days, fewer boarding patients, and quicker turnover on discharge day, will forever remain out of reach. Without a platform for situational awareness, ineffective processes will continue to impede patient throughput.

Design Thinking in Healthcare

Discharge as a Service

Similar to air-traffic control, orchestrating logistics and variations of the discharge process using situational awareness frees clinicians to focus on patient care. Edgility’s Discharge as a Service and operational protocols offers health systems the orchestration engine that precisely identifies patients in the discharge process. Combined with a command center, Discharge as a Service provides a valuable service to the providers by removing low-value workflows from high-value assets.

Discharge as a Service impacts the following metrics:

  • Overall Duration of Stay

  • ER Boarding Times

  • OR Turnover Rates

  • ICU Length of Stay

  • Discharge Order Entry Efficiency

  • Discharge Efficiency of Number of Patients Discharged by 11 AM

  • Reduced Discharge Delays

  • EVS Turnaround Times

Discharge as a Service enables frictionless hand-offs, increases utilization, improves provider and patient satisfaction and timely discharges.