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Drive Better Health through Smart Operations

Updated: May 23, 2022

Smart Operations intentionally aligns people, processes, and technology to deliver complex and interdependent clinical, operational, and business functions. Smart Operations pull health systems forward by focusing on good-design, intelligent workflows supported by actionable data to achieve tangible outcomes.

Well, that sounds like us, you say. We align our people to strategic priorities. We have hundreds of the best information systems powered by Could, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation – isn’t that smart?

But ask yourself, are your processes orchestrated to reach the optimal outcome? Does your process account for delays in supporting services - backups in Imaging, delays in lab-processing - or a missed step in the discharge process? Can it adjust for unexpected staffing changes? How many applications must one access to make informed, critical, and smart decisions?

The majority of deployed information technologies in our health systems serve to collect information. Too often, they duplicate an existing technology or were under-deployed, leaving valuable functionality untapped. Technologies are often purchased to meet a regulatory requirement or produce a status - or worse, to appease a squeaky stakeholder. In the perfect world, technologies could return usable information. But does your reporting show what's occurring in the environment in real-time, or what happened yesterday? Unfortunately, we remain no smarter.

Brute force and heroic rescues by nurses, physicians and operational staff are poor substitutes for smart operations.

Smart Operations is about orchestrating key behaviors and workflows by maximizing existing technology, removing low-value work from high-value human resources, and reducing the friction that abounds in the organizations. The value proposition is overwhelmingly positive.

Edgility's Cognitive Platform, coupled with its EdgeDesign service, offers a comprehensive solution to align health system initiatives by optimizing existing and future data investments to achieve the desired outcome. The Smart Operation changes the dynamic of systems governance and management by creating an Integrated Management Operating System.


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