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Edgility, the Bloomberg Terminal for Healthcare Operations

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

"Edgility is the Bloomberg terminal for healthcare operations," said a private equity analyst who approached the Edgility team while attending HIMSS. This was a pretty incredible compliment considering the Bloomberg terminal revolutionized an industry.

The Bloomberg Terminal brings together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities — in one fully integrated solution. Similarly, Edgility's software (SaaS) enables healthcare organizations to orchestrate clinical, business, and operational outcomes with real-time data from electronic medical records and other hospital systems.

Both platforms consume and display enormous amounts of data in easily digestible formats and drive the information towards a specific action in real-time. Critical up-to-date data benefits discharging patients as much as it does financial investing. So far, the comparison makes sense considering Edgility guides Chief Executives, Operating, Medical, Nursing, and Finance Officers who consume high-fidelity data to make life-impacting decisions.

But necessarily, the comparison begins to diverge. Health care is as much an art as it is a science. It is as much a portrait as it is an algorithm. No two cases are the same, and each patient must be treated individually – and as an individual. Health care cannot only funnel data and create conditional clauses for action. Healthcare care conditions are too nuanced for that approach to be effective.

Edgility's cognitive platform goes beyond curating information to orchestrating multi-modal healthcare system outcomes, creating an exoskeleton-like cognitive support system for decisions and actions.

While often compared to NASA mission control, air-traffic control, and Bloomberg terminals. We identify as the technology that orchestrates healthcare operations across millions of patients. Edgility has created the ‘Orchestration Engine’ and ‘Cognitive Platform’ space. Edgility has defined a new technology category called ‘Orchestration Engine’.


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