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Form Follows Function at Edgility

Updated: May 23, 2022

Healthcare is complicated. Operational leaders widely understand the need for situational awareness to manage this complexity. The need for eyes-on-the-glass situational awareness has created a demand for air traffic control like command centers.

Edgility advocates the "Form follows function" design-based approach to building Smart-Operations Centers.

Form follows function is the design principle which states that the shape of a building or object should primarily relate to its intended function or purpose.

Staying true to this principle, Edgility focuses on the customer's functional needs:

  1. Creating situational awareness

  2. Orchestrating to the stated outcome

  3. Decanting low-value work from high-value assets

Edgility elegantly aligns form and function to create options for customer needs. For example, rather than leading with "form" and a multimillion-dollar air-traffic control construction project, Edgility designs "Smart Operations Centers" scaled for an academic medical center, a standalone hospital, health system, community hospital, or an ambulatory clinic.

Edgility offers organizations with available options that provide data, technology, design, operational and architectural support to consume Smart Operations Centers in the following formats:

  1. Command center / Mission control center :

    • designed to provide a state-of-the-art mission control-like operations center

    • designed to be the central hub for operational integration

2. Smart Ops Unit

  • designed to serve community hospitals for a geographically diverse health system

  • provide change management and ownership in smaller health systems

3. Edge Anywhere

  • bring the mission control center to your mission

  • mobile device and electronic boards for Smart Operations for unit-level operation and bedside rounding

Edgility offers health systems a comprehensive array of smart-operation-center forms that focus on the function of high quality, low cost, and exceptional care for patients while decanting low-value work from high-value assets such as your physicians, nurses, and others.

Let the function guide form with Edgility!


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