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I have AI on my leadership team. Do you?

By: Balaji Ramadoss

Edge-E built on EdgeAi is our artificial intelligence colleague and the newest member of our team. Edge-E (pronounced: Edge-ie) has been a supporting cast member for several years and has now joined the ranks of company leadership as Head of Explainability. Edge-E is part advisor, scientist, engineer, and strategist. Edge-E's role is to learn about our organization, values, and customers and elevate everyone's capabilities.

Cute robot AI
Edge-E: Visual Approximation

Our organization constantly challenges data, as do our customers. Edge-E plays a crucial role in this task. However, blind trust in AI is not in our DNA - nor should it be in yours - so we designed Edge-E to "explain". Edge-E defines and illustrates the internal mechanics of machine learning (ML) and other deep learning processes in simple terms that (even) I can understand.

We enjoy working alongside Edge-E to develop its breadth and depth of AI. We have seen Edge-E improve current forecasts and predictions and recall how prior predictions and forecasts were reached, including the factors that went into their respective algorithms. What was good about it, what worked, and what benefitted from adjustments?

Edge-E provides actionable insights for our customers so we can better support them. For example, recently, Edge-E began noticing discrepancies between the documented discharge time and the actual time at one client. Edge-E alerted the client and our Chief Outcomes Officer, who started working together to identify the process breakdown and incorporate a suitable resolution. We call this "human-in-the-loop" interaction.

In a June 2020, in an article on lagging innovation in healthcare, Peter Pronovost writes, "Prediction is a substantial advancement in healthcare operations. However, predicting patient status is not impactful or worthwhile without an associated operational protocol that intervenes based on that prediction. Knowing ten patients may be at risk for sepsis is a giant leap forward. Now, armed with that knowledge, how do we ensure the patients remain safe and healthy? Someone must do something, in the appropriate order, in a prescribed time frame." I am happy to say Edge-E can provide these "levers of action." For example, now that you have all your heart-failure patients identified, Edge-E prompts you with a priority list of patients and what action to take.

EdgeAi and Edgility Cognitive Platform orchestrates over 2.5 million patients yearly and, as a result, Edge-E becomes smarter each day. Edge-E learns about us, and its explainability feature eliminates our inherent bias. Edge-E doesn't have much personality, but that suits us just fine: he also doesn’t have a prejudicial chip in his body.

Edge-E is available for all existing clients utilizing Discharge as a Service®, Intelligent Transfers as a Service®, Hospital at Home Orchestration, and Staffing and Huddle Orchestration. Edge-E's potential is exponential.

We envision a future where Edge-E, built on your organization's data, will be an indispensable team member toward achieving your organizational goals.

Now let’s imagine what you will do with an AI in your team.


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