Edgility works with University Hospital to care for patients at home



July 13, 2020


Edgility, a Tampa-based healthcare technology innovator, is playing a key role in efforts by University Hospitals to keep its patients healthy once they are out of the hospital.


Edgility’s technology will be used to track patient data for University Hospitals, a network of 18 hospitals, more than 50 health centers and outpatient facilities, and 200 physician offices in 16 counties throughout northern Ohio.


“We created a real-time dashboard that brings together patient data from a multitude of platforms across their system, creating an operations center whereby they can monitor adherence to decision rules they’ve established for patient care,” said Balaji Ramadoss, cofounder and CEO of Edgility.


The deal with University Hospitals is the most recent in a series of partnerships between health systems nationwide and Edgility, founded in 2016 in Palo Alto, California and now headquartered at Embarc Collective in Tampa. The company has developed command centers to handle operational flows for hospitals and health systems. That kind of operational support improves outcomes, cuts costs and relieves care teams of administrative burdens so they can focus on patient care.


University Hospitals is working with Edgility  to create a “web of well-being,” said Dr. Peter Pronovost, chief clinical transformation officer at University Hospitals.

“The goal of our web of well-being is to provide a patient-centered holistic approach to eliminate defects in care transitions and keep people healthy at home. A key element in accomplishing this objective is to be able to obtain a 360 degree real-time view of the patient inside and outside the health system,” Pronovost said.


Edgility will help University Hospitals create infrastructure to effectively train caregivers and maintain accountability for established key performance indicators.


“For example, we could establish a rules-based criteria for our hospitalized COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease] patients that measures the percentage of palliative care or quality of care discussions held at discharge. This would help us determine where additional coordination and training may be needed for our caregivers so that we ensure patients are being properly cared for outside the hospital so they do not encounter unnecessary hospitalization,” said Sam Brown, University Hospitals vice president of logistics.


The new system is expected to be implemented starting later this year. At first, it will focus on measuring metrics associated with inpatient and surgical care. In the future, University Hospitals wants to add measures for ambulatory and home care settings.


Financial terms of the collaboration between Edgility and University Hospitals were not disclosed.


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