Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction 

EdgeRECR re-designs and re-trains health systems to be competitive at Medicare reimbursement levels.


EdgeRECR enables healthcare organizations to stretch their thinking toward novel solutions for revenue enhancement and cost reduction. The EdgilityRECR program utilizes a combination of smart operations theory and application along with design-thinking practices to identify, solve and hardwire better-operating models.


Cost-cutting and revenue-generating initiatives, large and small, require precision. Edgility’s Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction brings scalpel-like precision to enhancing revenue and reducing costs.

Then: Cost management was all the rage. Consulting companies focused on benchmarking, resulting in recommendations for generic slash-and-burn cost-cutting measures.


Now: Health Systems are looking to be strategic in their cost-restructuring efforts. RECR, through a Smart Operations platform, provides just such an opportunity.


For example, EdgilityRECR was able to identify the level of care mismatches and orchestrated the ‘levers of action’ to realize a total of $1.23 million in savings in telemetry at a Cleveland-based Health System in just 12 months.  

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EdgeRECR is the intention intersection of people, process, design (EdgeDesign), and technology (Smart Operations) for revenue enhancement and cost reduction

The EdgeRECR Cycle




Analyze relevant and actionable information across systems to create value elements specifically for providers, support services, and administrators.


Design and Implement


EdgeRECR cuts across the care continuum for optimal value alignment. The following examples have been successfully tested with a specific value focus.

  • Access and Arrival Management - Revenue Enhancement

  • Level of Care – Revenue Enhancement


Value Realization


While EdgeRECR themes create horizontal alignment along the continuum of care, transformation themes provide a framework to impact outcomes. The following examples have been successfully applied.

  • Cost Optimization

  • Operational Efficiency

  • Revenue Enhancement

  • Quality


Continuous Improvement


CI focuses on creating organizational "stickiness" around the transformation elements. Through the Smart Operations Center, physicians and nurses can focus on clinical outcomes, quality, and patient experience, while administrators can focus on the optimization of operations.

The Edgility platform, with its intrinsic AI, hardwires RECR efforts for value realization. EdgeRECR is a comprehensive program that will plug into existing governance, communication, and program management.