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We are a healthcare technology company focused on achieving your operational goals using AI and expert advice in a true partnership.

In 2016, we began to look at the available healthcare technologies that could solve complex, intersecting, and novel operational processes. Many companies professed to do so, but the list came up empty.

Healthcare required a new technology and we knew it would take a different type of company to build it. That's why we founded Edgility. As a team of nurses, operations managers, informaticists, and technology leaders, we have well over 100 years of collected healthcare experience. We empathize with our patient-caring colleagues and are proud to work with them. We bring the same passion to our solutions as you do to your patients.

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What we do

We streamline operational processes to achieve outcome-specific solutions by augmenting AI with human design.

Our experienced staff of nurses, process improvement,  and operational professionals works intimately with your team to achieve the outcomes important to you. Utilizing our unique EdgeDesign program, we work alongside you to identify pain points and generate plans to ensure successful implementations. We help establish governance and instill communications and transformation planning. We prepare your organization for the changes required to survive healthcare delivery - today and tomorrow.

sustainable solutions

Create frameworks that stick.

In the ensuing decades, healthcare must undergo significant transformation to remain viable. For example, surviving at Medicare levels of reimbursement will be opening stakes. Our human-centered approach is the key to building and maintaining sustainability.


Our Outcomes Team advises on behaviors and behavioral change; organizations can only build and sustain the advantages of technology investments through behavioral change.

Our Mission

Passionate about the frontline

Our strength is our empathy with the nurses and providers on the frontline.

We know value generation and sustainable transformation occur here - and

the frontline is where clinicians receive joy from delivering patient care.

Disruptors with a bold mission

We fight inertia, bad habits, and sub-optimal process. We strive to

displace existing technology and produce something new and worthwhile.


Address complexity head-on

We are not discouraged by the complex. We strive to eliminate

unjustified complexity from the operational workflows of frontline assets.


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