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Hospital at Home

Edgility's Hospital-at-Home is the country's first technology to identify patients and orchestrate hospital-level care at home.

"H@H is different from traditional home care. This program allows us to reimagine hospital-type care at home and innovate future care delivery models with (Edgility's) technology."

Melissa Cole, Vice President of Integrated Delivery Operations at University Hospitals, Cleveland

Technology-enabled Hospital at Home Orchestration

Patient Selection

The first stage for any hospital at home program is patient identification and selection. Edgility's ECP engine continuously evaluates every patient in your system to identify ideal candidates for care at home. EdgeAi, train the system to recommend patients with a higher likelihood of successful recovery in the home environment. 

Patient Care Orchestration

Once identified and receiving care at home, Edgility's orchestration engine manages the workflows for this very diverse patient cohort including:

  • Telemedicine​

  • Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)​

  • At-home technologies​

  • Human Resource and Supply Chain Platforms​

  • Logistical Platform (example: transportation, mediation, delivery, food services, DME)

Patient and Provider Itinerary

Human capital management is a key to a successful Hospital at Home Program. ​

It is equally important always to keep care process interactions with staff front-and-center to the patient at all time

Edgility's novel Care Progression framework allows health systems to transform patient care scheduling into a revolutionary Patient Itinerary.

Hospital-At-Home patients:​

  • Are not susceptible to Hospital Acquired Infections ​

  • Recover quicker​

  • Are not susceptible to HAI

  • Experience better outcomes

Hospital at Home Lenses

  • H@H Prospects

  • H@H Orchestration

  • H@H Logistics and Itinerary 

Hospital at Home.png

"Edgility is proud of this collaboration with UH to be the country's first
Hospital-at-Home platform."  

Lisa Meyer, MSN, RN, NE-BC, Chief Outcomes Officer.

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