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Product Suite

Orchestrate systemness from admissions through discharge.

The Joy of Practicing Medicine ®

Our product suite comprises software solutions that automate and streamline the coordination of complex and interrelated tasks and processes. These solutions enable healthcare providers to manage patient care more efficiently, reduce errors and delays, and improve patient outcomes.

Orchestrate the quality and efficiency of healthcare delivery by creating situational awareness. Each product delivers "levers of action," enabling care providers to concentrate their efforts appropriately.

How can I prepare every patient for an
on-time discharge?

Our discharge management lenses enable healthcare organizations to manage every patient's discharge proactively. The technology continuously analyzes each patient's discharge journey. Working with your clinical teams, Edgility co-designs its discharge lenses to identify patients at risk of missing their estimated discharge date. 

How do I know 
bed capacity for the next 72 hours?

The shortage of available beds and the staff to support them impedes new patient admissions. The Edgility platform with EdgeAi continuously forecasts and predicts bed availability. Access Orchestration identifies, prioritizes, and coordinates patient placements across your service lines, hospital, and system.

How can I reduce
prep time for
daily huddles?

Edgility is changing the huddle standard. Instead of talking about "data," we focus on "action." EdgeHuddle provides nursing units with real-time actionable information. EdgeHuddle digitizes the huddle process by pulling information from multiple sources to curate data applicable at the bedside and the system level. 

AI to streamline admissions to discharge

The Joy of Practicing Medicine ®
Edgility's Products suite powered by the Edge Cognitive Platform is reshaping today's healthcare operations. 

Edge Huddle

Achieve bed to board goals

Safety, quality, handoff, and tiered - have become a data reporting ritual rather than an action plan. EdgeHuddle intelligently curates data to orchestrate appropriate action based on the huddle form and frequency, decanting this action from your high-value nurses. 

intelligent Discharge

Discharge as a Service (DaaS)

DaaS continuously determines which patients are on track for timely discharge and which patients require intervention. No need to look at the entire patient population when you can easily identify those few who need attention.

Hospital at Home


Edgility’s H@H lens continuously evaluates every patient in your system to identify ideal candidates for care at home. H@H eliminates the laborious task of chart review over and over to find the needle in the haystack.

State of the System

Real-time view into the state of your system

Edgility's discharge lens can determine immediately which patients are on track for timely discharge and which patients need intervention.

Access Orchestration

intelligent automation and precise coordination

Unite patient records, automate tasks, and prioritize patients. Care orchestration brings disparate data sources into one source and sorts depending on what clinicians need or request.

Pathway Orchestration

Prioritize interventions early in the care process

Quickly, readily, and easily identify the patient population using your system's workflows and clinical protocols and prioritize which patients to see first.​

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