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The Technology

Generative AI to Orchestrate Outcomes

If you were to ask your staff what makes their AI applications relevant, you would likely receive blank stares. What is the reaction when you ask them to follow the AI recommendations? Trust in technology is foundational. But trust in AI is paramount. Trust comes from knowing and understanding the inputs.

Our technology continuously updates models and forecasts by processing data ingested in real time. There is no stale data, and predictions are based on the most recent information.

The Platform

The Edge Cognitive Platform (ECP), powered by EdgeAi, achieves system-wide process orchestration and outcomes realization. To do this, EC considers data as a stream, and from these streams, the engine ingests data applicable to specific – customer defined – outcomes. The ECP then coordinates all aspects of workflow, including the delivery of appropriate "levers-of-action."

Our technology is cloud-based. The only client requirement is to transfer messages.


EdgeAi is Edgility's artificial intelligence engine. It is integrated into the platform and available to every customer. EdgeAi automatically and simultaneously trains prediction and forecast models using historical and current data sets. 

For example, EdgeAi forecasts the total number of patients discharged and explains the data inputs used by the algorithm.

EdgeAi only uses your system's data to create your models. Nationwide aggregated models are poor substitutes for your patient population. 

AI with Explainability

EdgeAi forecasts the total number of patients to be discharged by the end of the current day using machine learning algorithms trained on your historical data.


Predictions are unit-level and aggregated to the hospital,

the region, or enterprise level.

EdgeAi is used in Discharge as a Service®️ to predict

anticipated discharges. From actionability to frequency,

EdgeAi facts are displayed to create transparency.


Use Cases

  • Forecasting throughput

  • Predicting discharges

  • Predict admissions

  • Anticipating and surfacing patient flow bottlenecks

AI with Explainabiliy


Cost-cutting and revenue-generating initiatives, large and small, require precision. Edgility’s Revenue Enhancement and Cost Reduction brings scalpel-like precision to enhancing revenue and reducing costs.

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This project has a profound impact during public health emergencies to helping alleviate hospital patient surges. Acute care delivery at home can allow high-risk patients to receive hospital-level care at home while reducing their potential exposure.

Twenty percent of patients in the United States end up returning to the hospital within one month after discharge. Why is this? Patients who are hospitalized longer are more likely to develop other illnesses and experience a slower recovery time

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