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intelligent Discharge

Discharge as a Service (DaaS) can immediately determine which patients are on track for timely discharge and which patients need intervention. DaaS transcends typical discharge command centers that display static data by offering these features. 

  • Levers of action - what to do next and by whom

  • Barrier identification - what obstacles are impeding the discharge

  • Time-based alerts - a "time is of the essence" indicator for priority action

  • Action-based alerts - clear indicators of whether the 'next' step is at risk

  • Third-party ride share - eliminates lack of transport barriers

Examples of Lenses that orchestrate discharges:

Discharge as a Service

Discharge Throughput

Benefits of intelligent Discharge

Discharge as a Service (DaaS) identifies tasks that do not require a nurse or provider to accomplish. Instead, operational staff can assume these less-complex duties - decanting low-value work from your high-value assets.


Decrease length of stay (LOS)

+ 30min

Increase Productivity

+ 10%

Increase Satisfaction

+ 25%

Increase Capacity without

adding new beds

How intelligent Discharge is making an Impact

sam brown].jpeg
At UH, we utilize the Discharge as a Service lens to predict discharges and expose the factors that influence the prediction visible to all end-users. Edgility's AI predicts and maps to specific levers of action toward achieving a particular outcome."

Sam Brown, UH’s VP of Logistics and Systems Operation.
Without a clear mapping to the next behavior, AI outputs are ineffective. At UH, we utilize the EdgeAi prediction to hardwire behavior to fractal management models to drive accountability and action.”

Peter Pronovost, MD, Ph.D., Chief Quality and Clinical Transformation Officer at UH.

In Action

Trust in AI model predictions is paramount if care providers and administrators are to accept the decisions based on them. EdgeAi generates a standard label for transparency of the prediction model, leading to better AI adoption and open-box development.

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