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25 UNDER 25: Entrepreneurs shaping the future of business in Tampa

Sep 10, 2021

25 Under 25. These entrepreneurs and disruptors are set to shape the future of business in Tampa Bay.

Tampa Bay's technology scene has hit a point of inflection. A handful of companies have gone public within the first half of the year, big-name investment firms have taken note and are funding local businesses and thousands of entrepreneurial hopefuls are moving to the region each day.

A group of young budding entrepreneurs has helped build the blocks upon which Tampa Bay can base its success. From the university incubators to ideas crafted well beyond midnight in a high schooler's bedroom, we've gathered up the 25 founders you need to know that are all 25 years old or younger — proving age is just a number.

Sarwaan Ansari

Headshot of Sarwaan Ansari for the TBBJ

Age: 23

Company: String Inc. and Edgility Inc.

Title: Co-founder of String, software engineer at Edgility

My origin story: String Inc. was founded in 2020 because of the need to stop the spread of misinformation from other forms of social media. String’s mission is to improve the delivery system for news and bring people closer together through media. We want people to read more news without the noise and have a more informed and healthier society.

Accomplishments related to your company: String Inc. was able to source over 14,000 different news sources to be displayed on the application along with getting 1,000+ users the first month of launch.

Name of your future memoir: "The Man Who Stopped Misinformation"

If you had a podcast what would you name it?: "Tech Huddle"

Describe your company in six words or less: (For Edgility it's) Driving better health through smarter operations.

By the time I'm 30 ... I'll be managing a team that creates and deploys machine learning models to solve real-world important problems.

Stathis Siandris

Headshot of Stathis Siandris for the TBBJ

Age: 22

Company: Edgility Inc.

Title: Software engineer

Origin story for your company: Edgility Inc. is a health care technology company founded in 2016 out of San Francisco. We believe that the lowest hanging fruit is the quickest to rot and the real opportunity is in the complexity. With that, Edgility aspires to eliminate the trillion-dollar waste problem in health care complexity. Edgility’s focus is workflow orchestration – people, process, and technology – toward a specific operational outcome through its proprietary orchestration engine. Our product manifests itself through a command-center structure we define as Smart Operation Centers.

Name of your future memoir: "How the Government Tried to Shut Down Bitcoin ... and Failed."

If you had a podcast what would you name it?: "Moist Memes"

Describe your company in six words or less: Driving better health through smarter operations.

By the time I'm 30 ... I'll be helping to make the global banking system obsolete by contributing to open-source decentralized finance projects.

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