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For Smart Operations, Orchestrate Outcomes

Updated: May 23, 2022

Elevating healthcare operations cannot occur merely by adding technology layers that require nurses and doctors to collect more data. It is about defining outcomes - patient, operational, or financial - and creating the structure to achieve those outcomes. Recall the oft-used and much-maligned adage "work smarter, not harder." The phrase trickles from those managers and leaders who don't know what else to do or say. The effect is rarely well-received. Yet……, sometimes, it is true. In this case of healthcare operations, it's mandatory.

So how does a complex, highly interdependent operation like a hospital or a health system become smarter? After all, it is already staffed with smart people. It is already pulsing with smart technologies. And the desire to do well is stronger in no other industry.

Enter the symphony orchestra. Like an orchestra with numerous musicians and numerous instruments - instruments of varying range, tone, purpose, and even key-somehow create sublime music. Though highly skilled individuals and playing from scores composed by the Masters, one component is missing– the conductor. The conductor sees the outcome and "orchestrates" the group through to the desired end.

Edgility's Cognitive Platform (ECP) is an operational-outcomes orchestration engine. ECP intentionally aligns existing technologies with numerous staff playing various roles to create a smart framework. A Systems Operations Center (SOC) is the physical space, the stage as it were, that is purpose-built to facilitate this smart collaboration between the people, the process, and the technology.

Edgility's Cognitive Platform and EdgeDesign service removes low-value work from high-value assets, reduces operational friction, enhances provider and staff engagement, and optimizes capital investments.

Edgility’s Value – Measure what Matters


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