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Creating transparent relevancy in artificial intelligence.

EdgeAi is healthcare's first operational embedded AI with Explainability (xAi). EdgeAi exposes the internal mechanics of machine learning in human understandable terms.

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If you were to ask your healthcare staff what makes their AI applications relevant, you would probably receive blank stares. Trust in AI is paramount, but trust is based on knowing and understanding the inputs.

Explainability: EdgeAi offers insight into which features influence predictions and forecasts. Explainability leads to understandability. 

By rendering the inputs transparent, you bring trust throughout your organization. 

EdgeAi automatically trains models using both historical and recent datasets. Models are regularly compared against previous versions, and high-performing models automatically replace lower-performing models. EdgeAi automatically incorporates novel models into future training and evaluation. 

Step 1:
Curating Data

EdgeAi uses your data to create your AI algorithms. Generalized models trained on "mystery data" from other health systems are poor substitutes for your patient populations. Models trained on your data adapt as your population's circumstances, demographics, and other details change. ​

The Edge Cognitive Platform (ECP) engine automates real-time training-data curation. 

EdgeAi Features

EdgeAi in Action

Ai nutrition facts command center screen lens for discharge

EdgeAi is used in Discharge as a Service®️ to predict anticipated discharges. From actionability to frequency, EdgeAi facts are displayed to create transparency.

AI discharge patient forecast facts


EdgeAi forecasts the total number of patients to be discharged by the end of the current day using machine learning algorithms trained on your historical data.


Predictions are unit-level and aggregated to the hospital, region, or enterprise level.


Use Cases

  • Forecasting throughput

  • Predicting discharges

  • Predict admissions

  • Anticipating and surfacing patient flow bottlenecks

Our Platform and EdgeAi

Our Platform and EdgeAi

We’ve built our Edge Cognitive Platform (ECP), the system that powers our operations centers around the capability of EdgeAi. EdgeAi is possible due to how we think about data.


Data as a Cognitive Stream 

Using the ECP, Edgility’s Smart Operations Centers are designed for system-wide orchestration and outcomes realization. As a platform, the ECP can incorporate your evidence-based processes and your most trusted and best-performing algorithms. The ECP is designed to integrate with application development partners, both internal and external. ECP views data as a stream - from this stream the engine ingests data applicable to specific outcomes.​

  • Real-time processing and real-time presentation

  • ​Next-Generation Embedded AI

  • “Inline computing”: Real-time time stock market trading technology 

  • ”Stack” Machine Learning (AI) algorithms enable high performance 

  • Transforms data into “Streams” for outcomes definition

  • High-Performance Cache of Transactional Data for Prediction and action 


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